Demystifying hypnosis

Many people have heard of the great results accomplished through hypnosis and wonder if it could also be helpful to them.  Many people are hesitant, though, to explore what hypnosis can do for them because of misinformation acquired over the years from movies and television.  Hypnosis can evoke a sense of mystery, of losing control or being forced to do things against your will. 

In fact, hypnosis is exactly the opposite.  During hypnosis, you hear and are aware of everything that is taking place.  You have complete control over what you will do and will not do. Even after being brought out of hypnosis, you will be able to recall everything that took place during the session.

My hypnosis session with Elana was transformative and helped me to manage a stressful situation at work that was causing a lot of anxiety... Elana tailored the session exactly to meet my needs so that I was co-creating the experience with her to get the most out of it.
— D.G.