"I heard about Elana after she came by my workplace for a talk. I had never tried hypnosis, but several people had mentioned that I might be a good candidate. I'd been struggling with a nervous habit of scratching at my scalp, and it was getting to the point where it was affecting my ability to concentrate at work and to relax while at home. Elana talked me through her practice, took care to debunk common myths about hypnosis, and always got my input on how each suggestion should be phrased. Our sessions really helped me to understand why my habit had taken hold, and after my first session, I was already seeing results. I left each session feeling refreshed, relaxed, and in control. I did four sessions total and am happy to report that not only has my habit disappeared, I'm also much more attuned to the situations and types of stress that triggered it in the first place. Elana is wonderful and supportive, and I'd recommend her to anyone." - Caitlin L.

"For years I had struggled with issues of jealousy. Every part of my rational brain knew jealousy was not necessary.But still some deep part of me clung to jealousy like a bad habit. Three sessions with Elana changed the bad habit to a memory. Elana's confidence both in her craft and her belief in me that we could rewrite the story were just what I needed for success. I had never done hypnosis before, and Elana was very reassuring. She spent a long time explaining the process asking me questions about me and my life and making sure we were both on the same page. Elana has a genuine and caring nature that is very comforting. She really cares about her clients. And now, while I still have strong memories of what jealousy used to feel like, it just doesn't have the same pull on me."
- Anonymous (Woman, late 20s)

"I am so glad I met with Elana and experienced her hypnosis session.  Before my first session I had no idea what to expect and, to be honest, was a little nervous.  Right away Elana made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and explained to me exactly what was going to happen.  Not being able to swallow pills made my life a more difficult than it needed to be and I decided that I needed to change that.  I tried everything I could think of but nothing was working until someone suggested that I try hypnosis with Elana.  After just three sessions and working with Elana, it is now so much easier for me to swallow pills.  Working with Elana has improved my life.  I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to change something." - Naomi Gabovitch

"Working with Elana was amazing.  I wanted to eliminate sugary products.  I had a craving every time I ate sugar for more sugar.  Sugar in my diet was changing my moods and was adding useless calories, which was making me gain weight.  I did not know what to expect about how this works, but she was very thorough in her explanation in what I was going to experience.  Elana's soothing voice and her suggestions to eliminate sugar and replace it with healthier choices helped build my confidence, which made me mindful of what I was eating and not crave sugary products.  I highly recommend if you have anything you want to change in your life, Elana will be able to help you as she has helped me.  Thank you so much Elana.  You are awesome." - Dee Lyon

"Preparing for surgery and its aftermath can be an emotional challenge. For me, I was full of anxiety and worry. Working with Elana was just what I needed to get me in the right mindset. Elana’s tremendous ability to listen helped me articulate exactly what I was afraid of and what I wanted to feel instead. She gave me concrete tools for ridding myself of unproductive emotions, helping my mind create new, positive scripts. When I was finally wheeled into the operating room, I was calm, optimistic and ready for whatever came next, exactly how I wanted to be." - Karla Van Praag

"Elana helped me re-frame my approach to quitting smoking. I was able to conquer my nicotine addiction by transforming my relationship with cigarettes. I highly recommend Elana-- she will make you feel comfortable in a judgement free zone while assisting you on your own personal journey to quit smoking." - S.W.

"I was not particularly searching for a magic bullet to help me lose weight when I met Elana. At least no more seriously than I ever am. We met 3 times. We talked, I told her my food story, what is particularly challenging,what I would like to change, specific foods I would like to eliminate. Then I sat in a comfortable chair and Elana kind of fed back to me what I had already said to her. It wasn’t mysterious, there was lots of repetition, and at the end of the time, I felt remarkably refreshed and energized.  I used the short line for self-hypnosis we had come up with every night, I focused on some key words during the day, and it just kind of flowed. It’s been about 4 weeks, I have taken off 6 pounds, eliminated flour and sugar from my diet, and feel very hopeful.  A new tool in the tool box. It is working." - E.S.

"I went to Ms. Kogan for help with two different problems, weight loss and insomnia.  I was a bit apprehensive going in at first, since I had no experience with hypnosis and I wasn't sure how it would work.  But Ms. Kogan quickly put me at ease, and led me through several very meaningful sessions. Each time I left feeling calm, confident and resolved, and I was surprised at how quickly I saw results!  I'm so glad I went!" - A.K.

"My hypnosis session with Elana was transformative and helped me to manage a stressful situation at work that was causing a lot of anxiety.  The process of preparing for the session was very unique and part of what made it so transformative - Elana tailored the session exactly to meet my needs so that I was co-creating the experience with her to get the most out of it." - D.G.